Bread and Roses Activist-Scholar Fellowship

The Bread and Roses Activist-Scholar Fellowship is awarded to students who have been matched with local organizations to work on collaborative, community-based projects, and who demonstrate a commitment to using their scholarly training to support community organizations. These matches are based on the interests of the fellows and the needs of the organizations.

Fellows are chosen through an application process that begins at the annual Feminist Activist Research Symposium where local agencies and organizations give presentations that outline their research needs. Students are invited to submit applications (including an application form, a cover letter, and a two-page resume or cv) to be matched with any of the projects presented at the symposium. The final award decisions are made by the Bread and Roses Advisory Committee or an appointed subcommittee.

The amount of funding awarded to fellows is based on a pre-determined amount assigned to each research project; the pre-determined amount is based on the estimated hours required to work on the specific project.  Fellows are required to submit progress reports six months after the initial award. 

This program is supported by a generous donation from Deborah Carstens.

Applications for Fellowships are due on November 2.  The complete application form and instructions can be found here.


Meet the Fellows

2015 Cohort

Jocelyn Craig, Break the Silence
Jocelyn a conducted a follow-up survey of the participants of the organization’s Revitalization Retreat (2013 and 2014). The results of the survey will be used to assess that impact of the retreat and to improve the quality of future retreats.  View Final Report (.pdf)

Emma Fuller, Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest
Emma assisted in the creation of a reproductive justice certification tool for San Diego businesses and nonprofit organizations. View Final Report (.pdf)

Laura Moran and Leah Schroeder, Young Women’s Studies Club
Laura and Leah revised and implemented the end-of-semester survey and other evaluation materials used by the YWSC.  These items will be used to evaluate the impact of the program on the high school students and their SDSU mentors. View Final Report (.pdf)

2016 Cohort

Kimberley Enderle, The Women's Museum of California
Kimberley identified and cataloged existing military items in the museum’s current collection, and developed a timeline that documents women’s roles in the military from the Revolutionary War to present. The timeline will potentially be used by the museum to create exhibits on women’s participation in the U.S. military. View Final Report (.pdf)

Marisa Meno, Nile Sisters
Marisa assessed immigrant and refugee women’s perceptions of feminism and women’s roles in society, and identified the obstacles that they face in accessing social services and obtaining employment. View Final Report (.pdf)

Laura Moran and Wesley Paláu, SafeZones@SDSU
Laura and Wesley developed surveys to evaluate the efficacy of two of SafeZones’ workshops:  the “101 Lecture Class” and the “Ally Training.” They also collected demographic information about the individuals who have participated in the two workshops. View Final Report (.pdf)

2017 Cohort (In Process)

YALLA - combines the promise of education and the passion of soccer to inspire refugee and immigrant youth to achieve a college education:
Fellows: Victoria Blackwell-Rivas and Paige Hernandez
Will conduct oral histories via Envivo of 20 refugee families; Conduct a needs assessment study for the organization---focus on what “gender” means in the context of YALLA’s grassroots approach

Nile Sisters - supports refugee and immigrant women and their families to attain social and economic self-reliance:
Fellow: Amina Dauood        
Conduct research with a focus group on what risks and benefits do resettled refugee women living in San Diego associate with female genital cutting.

License to Freedom - raises awareness about domestic violence in immigrant communities:
Fellow: Jalyn Gonsalves
Restructure the organization’s webpage. Conduct research on what links to create for the various activities the organization is engaged with etc.

United Women of East Africa - provides advocacy for education and health care for East African refugee women:
Fellow: Hodan Hersi
Conduct research on Muslim refugees on health fitness. Aim is to find out what resources, spaces and programs they would be receptive to.

PANA (Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans) - a research, public policy, and community organizing hub dedicated to advancing the full inclusion of refugees:
Fellow: Dhaha Nur
Develop a survey instrument for refugee and former refugee business owners and to collect data on their experiences in San Diego. Create an on-line directory of all refugee organizations in San Diego.