Mission Statement

The mission of the Bread and Roses Center for Feminist Research and Activism is to promote feminist creativity, scholarship, and community engagement in support of the women's movement.

In addition to presenting colloquia and an annual symposium, we develop interdisciplinary, intersectional projects that:

  1. Foster women’s economic, social and political empowerment
  2. Promote internationalization and transnational feminist collaborations
  3. Build a stronger local feminist community within the university and with other San Diego organizations
  4. Link feminist theory to practice
  5. Train future feminist advocates and professionals


Bread and Roses Activist-Scholar Fellowship

Applications due on November 2
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The Bread and Roses Center is the proud recipient of the 2015 Community Partner Award given by the Human Relations Com-mission of the City of San Diego. The award was in recognition of our collaborative work on campus sexual assault with the commission.